Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain vs. Obama on Cuba in Miami, Menendez

John McCain vs. Barach Obama, with a comment from Bob Menendez

excerpt from Miami Herald, 10/16/08 (full text here)

[Senator Robert] Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey, campaigned at Florida International University and the Little Havana Activities and Nutrition Center a week ago on Obama's behalf. He has made the same trek south during the past three presidential elections.


''This was one of the best receptions I got,'' Menendez said in a telephone interview from Washington. ``The economic message that Obama is delivering is falling on receptive ears among those who in the past were driven more by ideological issues, like Cuba.''

Obama has said he would be willing to meet with the communist regime to talk about democratic reforms, a position that amounts to heresy among some Cuban exiles. He also wants to allow Cuban Americans to travel and send money freely to the island.

McCain has ridiculed Obama for being willing to sit down with the Castro government and says the United States needs to hold firm on the restrictions President Bush placed on travel and remittances.

Comment: a good summary of where the candidates stand, with an intriguing comment from Menendez. If Cuba is now an ideological issue, is he supporting Obama now on family travel? Will he go further or try to stop Obama from going further?

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