Tuesday, September 4, 2007

How the candidates currently line up on Cuba

Following are capsule summaries of the positions of candidates for President on travel to Cuba from most open to most closed. A link is provided to donate to candidates who have expressed a positive position on travel during the campaign.


Dodd: end the embargo and all restrictions on travel, cosponsor S 721

Kucinich: end the embargo, cosponsor HR 654
[web does not offer personalized donation pages]

Obama: end all restrictions on family travel and remittances

Richardson: favors family travel and remittances, begin lifting embargo if prisoners released

Edwards: favors family travel but not remittances

Biden: has voted for travel but not on record during campaign

Clinton: has voted for travel but now supports Bush policy with exception only for family emergencies


Paul: has cosponsored HR 654 to end all restrictions on travel , supports end of embargo
[web site does not offer a personalized donation page: read full position here]

All other Republican candidates support the Bush Administration's draconian restrictions on travel.

To support legislation to end all travel restrictions, go to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/Cubatravelbill/


cerion said...

Please post a correction: one can donate to Dennis Kucinich's campaign through ActBlue.com.

Posting this will help eliminate the marginalization of Dennis' candidacy, one filled with honor and strength on many issues, not only on Cuba but single-payer healthcare, exiting Iraq, not invading Iran, etc.

John McAuliff said...

One can also donate to Kucinich through his camapign web site. However, it does not seem to provide the option of creating a personal donor page which can be used to indicate support for his Cuba position.