Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fred Thompson Violates Embargo While Attacking Michael Moore

[Fred] Thompson's work space looks just like what the home office of a successful politician or CEO should look like--though a little messier: a large desk, dark wood, leather furniture, lots of books and magazines and newspapers, a flat-screen TV, and box upon box of cigars--Montecristos from Havana.

The presence of the cigars and the absence of a press chaperone were clues that Thompson is taking a different approach to his potential candidacy. A campaign flack would have insisted on hiding the cigars.

“From the Courthouse to the White House: Fred Thompson auditions for the leading role” by Stephen F. Hayes The Weekly Standard



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Henry Gomez said...

Like many Cuban cigars there are Montecristos made by private companies outside of Cuba. I wonder if the author assumed they were Habanos or if he actually looked on the cigar band or box to see. A Dominican Montecristo wouldn't make for a much of story so I wonder if he bothered.